EA release a deep dive gameplay trailer for EA Sports FC 24

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EA Sports have released the official trailer for their new game on Thursday evening, with exclusive gameplay footage being broadcast to the wider public.

EA Sports FC 24 is the publisher’s first football game following the end of its long-running partnership with FIFA.

The event confirmed that women’s football will be added to Ultimate Team this year. And the stream also made it clear that the Premier League, Champions League and loads of other familiar leagues will still be present in the game.

The official trailer and deep dive has been revealed showcasing some incredible new features that will be added to this year’s game. Improved Hypermotion and SAPIEN technology have both been explained in the official gameplay deep dive.

The introduction of Hypermotion technology brought “ultra-realistic gameplay” to FIFA. However, the technology is only available on next gen consoles. Hypermotion remains exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players in FC 24

An entirely new way to pass the ball to your teammates has been added with a Precision Pass. This new through-ball pass allows players to aim exactly where they want the ball to go, or if it is a lofted pass, where the ball has to drop. Players can also precisely choose the length of the pass and can even add swerve to their precision passes.

FC 24 will mark the introduction of playstyles, a unique way to incorporate the way real-world football professionals play the game. There will be 34 different playstyles available in FC 24. Each player in the game will have their own playstyle, which is derived from how they play football in real life.

Some players will possess Playstyles+, which are assigned to the top footballers on the planet. Each playstyle has its playstyles+ version, meaning there are a total of 68 playstyles in the game when you include playstyles+. Clubs will also allow you to earn playstyles as well as playstyles+ to improve their player’s abilities on the pitch.

One of last season’s new features. AcceleRATE is back in FC 24, and this time it comes with more than twice as many archetypes than before. Controlled Explosive, Mostly Explosive, Controlled Lengthy, and Mostly Lengthy have now been added to the mix.

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