Football Manager player concedes a last minute own goal after the GK throws the ball into his own net

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In football, scoring a goal is one of the most euphoric things a player can experience, especially when the skill, context and surroundings are taken into consideration.

On the other side, putting the ball into your own net is the stuff of nightmares – and there’s been some absolute zingers over the years. 

But what about some bizarre own goals in video games, where the player even has nothing to do with the unfortunate set of play, generated by simulation?

This Football Manager player was 2-1 up in the 87th minute until his goalkeeper Aidan Stone decided to throw the ball into his own net during a Europa League semi-final. The game then went to extra time and penalties.

Then, the Twitter user has shared, he’s managed to save two penalties in the shootout to reach the final, where he eventually lost.

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