New best friends: Neymar’s bromance with PSG new signing Kang-in Lee goes viral

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With Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe out of the squad, Neymar is now the only player left in the PSG attacking trio. However, seems like the Brazilian has a new best friend in the team.

Lee Kang-in, who joined Paris Saint-Germain from Mallorca this season, is quickly integrating into the team. It’s a new league and team, but he’s already friendly with the players. In particular, his friendship with world-class superstar Neymar is a hot topic. A lot of fans are paying attention to the way they talk and joke with each other.

Neymar & Lee Kang-in been spotted joking and messing around with each other in humorous scenes to the excitement of fans.

In one footage, Neymar was spotted on the bench with Lee Kang-in taking their bromance to another level. Neymar playfully rustled Lee Kang-in’s hair until the latter feels uncomfortable with it and flung off his hands as Neymar bursts into laughter.

In another footage, Neymar walked up to Lee Kang-in while the players were on a warm up and grabbed his hands and waved it to the fans.

Lee Kang-in seemed reluctant to open his hands at first but later acquiesced, opening his hands while Neymar wriggles it to wave to the fans.

The gesture was greeted with an applause by the excited fans who seemed enraptured by the hilarious scene between Neymar and the new boy from South Korea.

Lee Kang-in and Neymar also had a short relationship at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Representing Korea and Brazil, respectively, they met in the round of 16 of the tournament. The two even exchanged each other’s jerseys after the game.

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