That’s why Adriano had 99 shot power on PES 6

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Inter Milan star Adriano was unplayable on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and the story behind the Inter Milan hero having unbeatable stats like 99 shot power is fascinating.

It was impossible to knock him off the ball due to his 98/100 balance, he was pretty quick as well with a speed rating of 88, but it was his 99 shot power that basically made him a cheat code. Some Pro Evo players even had a ‘no Adriano’ rule because he was that good on the game.

Goalkeepers could only look on as shots, sometimes coming in from as far as the half-way line, would soar past them.

Why was Adriano so good on PES 6?

But why was Adriano so overpowered on PES 6? 

Although he was a top-class forward in real life, his ability on Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 6 was like nothing we’d ever seen before or since.

Well, a video published by Oh My Goal may have uncovered the answer – and it’s fascinating.

The video points out that it wasn’t just Adriano who was ridiculously good on PES 6; Inter Milan as a team were overpowered in general.

It turns out that Inter were the favourite club of Shingo Takatsuka, a Japanese producer who developed PES.

Adriano’s Inter teammate Obafemi Martins was the game’s fastest player with 99 for both top speed and acceleration, Francesco Toldo was a beast in goal, Ivan Cordoba, Walter Samuel and Javier Zanetti were all impassable defenders, while forward Alvaro Recoba was the game’s most technical player, as well as the best free-kick taker.

It’s claimed that Shingo also boosted Milan’s stats because he wanted Inter to have a worthy rival on the game.

Of course Adriano didn’t quite reach the heights in real life as he did in PES, but his free kick rocket against Real Madrid from 2001 is definietly one of the most powerful free-kicks of all time.

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