Christophe Galtier defends Leo Messi from PSG fan whistles

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Paris Saint-Germain boss Christophe Galtier was critical of the club’s fans after Lionel Messi was booed during Sunday’s Ligue 1 defeat against Lyon

Lionel Messi was booed by his own fans yet again, this time ahead of the kick-off in Paris Saint-Germain’s weekend defeat against Lyon, their second consecutive home defeat in the league.

After the game, Christophe Galtier leapt to the defence of Messi and was quick to remind the fans that he is not the only player responsible for the team’s recent form.

“I find the whistles against Leo Messi to be very harsh. Leo is a player who gives a lot. He also gave a lot in the first part of the season but it is also up to other players to have more functions.”

“Leo is our creator, so he tries a lot and automatically has a lot of waste, but around Leo, you need to look at the function of the players. We can’t expect everything from Leo and Kylian. Leo tried and succeeded in some things, mismatches or otherwise, but he also missed link-ups with his teammates

As reported by Fabrizio Romano earlier, at the moment it’s a stand-by between PSG & Leo Messi. The Argentine is not accepting the proposal due to sporting reasons (who will be the coach & how many players will change for next season). Leo is waiting for PSG to communicate their future to him.

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