PSG given €98,000 fine by UEFA

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UEFA have imposed a hefty penalty on Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) due to incidents that occurred during the Champions League match against AC Milan on October 25

The sanctions include a fine of €75,000 for the use of flares in the stands, €18,000 for blocking public passages, and €5,000 for pitch intrusions during the game at Parc des Princes against AC Milan.

In addition to the fines, UEFA has also decided on a partial closure of Parc des Princes, PSG’s stadium, for the next home European match.

This sanction comes with a suspended sentence and a probationary period of two years.

These measures were taken following the opening of a disciplinary case by UEFA in response to the incidents during the match against AC Milan.

Note that AC Milan was also fined by UEFA, which imposed a fine of 23,000 euros.

This is the third time PSG are sanctioned by UEFA this season. The first offense occurred during the September 19 match against Dortmund, resulting in a €3,500 fine for the use of flares by the supporters.

The disciplinary committee, in a meeting on October 12, also fined Dortmund €15,000 for an unspecified “provocative” banner.

The second fine followed the October 4 match at Newcastle, with the commission on October 25 penalizing PSG €3,250, again for the use of a pyrotechnic device. The cumulative fines now stand at €6,750

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